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Some questions to think about before you start writing
· Is there something you would like to change by going back in time? (It could be something personal or something global.)
· What are today’s global problems? (global warming, problems with Indigenous groups not being treated equally, economic problems, wars…). Which event could change history so that these problems never occur? How might you intervene to derail hisory?
· What are your most worrying problems today? (Parents separating, trouble with the police or friends, not having enough money…). Which event could change history so that these problems never occur? Should you or could you change history?
· If you change one event, can you control the future or do other (unexpected) things change. Could a time traveler control the future or could the time traveler’s changes lead to another problem?
· If you fell back through time, which famous person would you try to find to talk to? What might you have to say to this person?
· If you could go back in time as a sailor on Captain Cook’s ship, how might you change history?
· Have you ever wondered about a long dead relative that your family has spoken of? What might happen if you could navigate your way back into time and get involved in that person’s life.
· Travelling through time is pretty unlikely so you will have to make it seem believable. How will your time traveler find a portal (or door that lets them travel into the past)?

Do you want some inspiration? Click here to see a trailer of Steven Spielberg's Back to the Future

Exploring Back to the Future
Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by slightly mad scientist. Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be meet and fall in love - so he can get back to the future.

1. Look at the opening shots of the film. What do they tell us about Doc Emmett Brown’s scientific interests?
2. What is plutonium and why is it dangerous? (brief research task)
3. What impression do we get of Marty in the first few scenes?
4. The song Power of Love plays throughout the first few scenes. Why did the director make this choice? What is its effect on the viewer?
5. What sort of man does Marty’s father George appear to be in the early scenes?
6. What sort of woman does Marty’s mother Lorraine appear to be in the early scenes?
7. How did Marty’s mother and father meet?
8. How does the De Lorean teleport into the future?
9. What is Einstein’s theory about how time works? (You may want to discuss this with your Science teacher)
10. In what way is Doc’s time travel experiment in the car park like the first Russian rocket experiment launched into space?
11. What does Doc need the stolen plutonium for?
12. Can you think of any ways in which Doc is similar to Dr Frankenstein?
13. How many years does Doc want to travel into the future?
14. Into which year does Marty teleport?
15. What does the family think they have in their barn?
16. In the past, what is the cost of a movie pass?
17. The music track during the Hill Valley (past) scene is Mr Sandman. Why do you think the director made this choice?
18. Why does the town bully pick on young George McFly? What does Biff want George to do?
19. By going back in time, Marty changes history. What is the first event he changes?
20. Why is Marty frightened when Lorraine tries to get romantic with him after the accident?
21. At the end of the family dinner, Marty says “I’ll see you much later”. What does he really mean by this?
22. In the past, Doc can’t get his hands on the plutonium he needs to power the car. What does he plan to use as the alternative source of power?
23. Why does Doc want Marty to “repair the damage” he has done by changing history?
24. When Marty meets his father George as a young men, he sees a different side to him. Explain.
25. How does Marty “invent” the skateboard?
26. “Having information about the future is extremely dangerous” says Doc. Why does he refuse to listen to Marty when Marty tries to tell him what will happen in 1985?
27. What is it about the teenage Lorraine that surprises Marty?
28. Where does George find the courage to fight Biff?
29. How does Marty change Chuck Berry’s history by his Johnny be Good performance?
30. As Marty leaves the dance, he tells George and Lorraine the “It’s been educational”. What significant things did he learn as result of his journey into the past?

Brainstorm an ending to this story………..

Time Less
"Cardon, are you sure about this?" Howard asked. "The procedure hasn't been tested yet."
"Shhhh" the physicist said to his assistant, as he focused on a microscopic needle making its way through a series of gas-filled tubes in the vacuum chamber. Suddenly the needle came to a stop, and Howard checked a monitor display.
"Cardon, the temperature's a couple degrees from max-" A popping sound inside the chamber made Cardon flinch.
"Oops!" he said. Blinding light. A metallic shriek. Pulsing waves of energy ripped through both men and the other lab workers, the undulations accelerating in speed and intensity as they shot through every wall on their way out to the open land surrounding the research facility. The resulting blast was heard and felt across the vast empty paddocks that surrounded the building.
Cardon's eyes opened to a white fog. He touched his face to make sure he was still there. Silence surrounded him as he sat up, the floor not really a floor but more an undulating wave of yielding material. “Am I dead?” he wondered.
He could see Howard, lying a few feet away, but nothing beyond. The physicist leaned forward and pressed two fingers on the other man's neck. There was a pulse, weak but steady. Knowing he had to do something, but not sure what, Cardon stood up, then fell to his knees. Trying to see anything was a chore, but a much easier task than trying to walk. So he sat and waited for the floor to stop moving. And then, without warning, there came the sounds of rushing wind, unfamiliar music and voices.
Before he could make sense of it all, a white-hot light brighter than the sun filled the immediate area with pulsing energy and heat. At the center of the brilliance stood a form, from which a voice could be heard.. "Gabriel," it said, with a tone like velvet thunder. Cardon struggled to speak and the voice continued.
"I am a messenger. I must to tell you something”
"Who are you? Who's Gabriel?" Cardon shivered. He had a terrible feeling that things were very strange indeed. "Am I dead?" he asked in a trembling voice.

And then what happened………

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