Construct your own family tree back to at least 1900.
Use Family Tree Maker to do this task.
Lonsdale and Queen Streets 1869

Go to this link to begin:

To make family tree charts with the above you can use this software.

Which of your ancestors would have been about the same age as Gertie, Flea, Scoot and the other kids that befriended Sam, in 1900? Print your family tree and display it in the classroom.

Draw Sam's family tree as accurately as you are able to from the information in Market Blues.(Inspiration might be useful for this. For a free trial go to this link

Interview an older person about his/her childhood.
What subjects would you like to gather information about? Brainstorm for ideas. Use what you know about open rather than closed questions to create a script for the interview.
  • What it was like?
  • How it was different to yours?
Record your interview on either audio or video.