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This interdisciplinary unit uses this story about time travel as the basis for a range of work in each curriculum learning area. The aims of the work included in this wiki, are to allow the students to learn by interacting and doing. The aim is for students to see how interrelated different aspects of human life are.

Things unravel so fast. One day Sam is a kid with a straightforward life, next moment he’s sucked into a time warp and flung back a hundred years. Meeting Flea, Gertie and the gang is just the start of a crazy adventure with Sam on the run from police, sleeping outside the morgue, laying bets on horse races, fighting thieves and larrikins.An accident in a shooting gallery confronts Sam with the hardest decision he’s ever had to make. Can he change the past – and his own future?

kirsty murray
kirsty murray

Kirsy Murray Author of Market Blues. For more information go to this link: http://www.kirstymurray.com/

Created by Lillian Leptos with original materials and the help of material produced by Di Wilson, J Mitchell, M.Reid, C. Bradbeer, J Kammerfofer, the Museum of Victoria, the City of Melbourne:investigating Melbourne resources and a range of other sources